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Amateur AKA Weekend Warrior

The last thing you need when you’re making the effort to keep fit as an amateur sportsman or woman is an injury that holds you back.

Regular exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind, but it naturally exposes you to an increased risk of injury due to the heightened movements your body experiences during exercise.

Add in the risks that come with the use of sports equipment and contact sports and you can see how easily sporting injuries occur, even at amateur level. So rest assured, you’re not alone.

Sustaining an injury through any sport – golf, football, rugby, tennis – is not only painful, but can put a stopper on your fitness goals, impact your sporting social life and remove a key source of enjoyment because of all the time you’re out of action.

That’s why we’re here you to get back out there enjoying pain-free activity on the pitch, court, track or field as soon as we can.

We regularly use Chiropractic care to treat the cause of sports injuries and get the affected parts of the body moving properly again and love seeing people on the road to recovery.

Having worked with professional athletes from multiple sports disciplines gives us an extensive background knowledge to identify recurring issues or imbalances, such as those relating to technique, and help you to understand and resolve any issues to avoid a return of the problem in the future.

Improving your sporting performance is something we take great pride in being able to do for you. So no matter your sporting experience and regardless of whether you’re suffering from an injury, come to us to unleash your sporting potential and take yourself to the next level.

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