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Birth & Childhood

We love kids here! We see children of all ages from a few hours old after birth to 99 young. We are completely child friendly clinic and have experienced paediatric Chiropractors. Your child’s first years in life are the building blocks on which the quality of their adult life is determined.

We regularly have whole families come in to get adjusted and have plenty of toys and fun to keep everyone distracted.

The spine and cranial bones are simply the protective bony housing for the brain and nerves. The better these bones are all moving, the easier it is for the brain and nervous system to signal messages around the body. Alternatively, if the spinal or cranial movement is affected it makes it very hard for the brain and nervous system to work optimally, and in a developing body this is impactful.

Sixty percent of the brain and neurology develops in the first year of life and 80 percent by the age of 6! Therefore, making sure the spine is moving correctly can be really beneficial to the nervous system.

The first years are typically filled with energy, abandon and all things capable of putting stress on even the most supple of young bodies.

Right back at the very start, your baby goes through the demanding process of labour and birth. The normal birthing process naturally causes a degree of tension in your baby’s spine, whilst intervention during the birth process (ventouse, forceps, c-sections) leads to increased trauma, which can strain the upper neck and cranial bones.

Some signs which indicate spinal problems in infants include excessive fussiness, constipation, reflux symptoms, disturbed sleeping patterns, restricted head or neck movement to one side, breastfeeding difficulties in the very young such as poor latching or not sucking easily. It’s important to look out for symmetry in a baby’s or child’s movement and also to monitor their milestones. Babies that are not crawling or walking by certain ages would benefit to be checked by a paediatric Chiropractor to have their nervous system checked.

Then there’s physically challenging childhood hobbies like gymnastics and rugby, years of lugging around school bags and, these days, much time spent craning one’s neck to look at screens and phones; all big things for a young body – and particularly the spine – to contend with.

Your child’s core structure deserves as much attention as any other part of their body during their developing years to ensure nothing serious carries through to later life. The more balanced a child’s spine, the more the spine will grow in a balanced, healthy way.

We use very gentle spinal and cranial techniques as well as cranio-sacral techniques that all our babies love. We are skilled in very gentle spinal and cranial techniques designed to improve the function of your child’s spine – preventing any tensions developing – as well keeping their nervous system and cranial function in check.

We love working with children and are here from the moment your child is born to guide them through life with a healthy core structure.

Having your child visit their Chiropractor as regularly as they would their dentist or optician helps to ensure that their spine and body is healthy during their childhood, as a teenager and through to adulthood. We highly recommend making your child’s visit to the Chiropractor a regular occurrence to ensure that their body is always on the right track throughout their development.

Your child can have their first Chiropractic check up as early as you like to give their spine and nervous system a gentle once over. We often check babies straight after their birth.

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