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Children & Teenagers

We love working with children in our centre. We look after many families and children of all ages. Ensuring they have healthy spinal function and good posture allows their body to grow and develop in an ideal way and lead way to having a healthy body and spine in adulthood.

During childhood, as we know, kids can get very active and can stress or hurt their bodies. There are the obvious knocks and falls but also the more subtle stressors such as school bags, being too sedentary, learning to riding bikes, climbing and jumping. These don’t always result in pain straight away but can still strain the spinal function and nervous system, affecting posture.

One of the ways to look after your child’s spine is by checking how they carry their schoolbags.

Being a teenager can cause increased pressure on the body. The long hours sitting in classes and studying for exams, carrying heavy school bags and a lot of additional use of computers and electronics such as iphones and ipads. This causes them to spend a lot more additional time in a forward slumped posture, which places a lot of strain on their young developing spines. This is also exacerbated by the fact that teenagers are a lot more sedentary today. This forward head posture places a large amount of stress on the upper back and neck. Our experienced Chiropractors will also give postural advice and do a free school bag check.

Or on the other side, many kids play sports either at school or competitively. These activites, while good, causes stress to their young bodies and can cause the spine to get injured, particularly with sports such as rugby, football and gymnastics. A younger body is not always strong enough to be able to cope with the demands played on it and injuries can occur.

The chances are you will only become aware of this when they complain of pain in the back, shoulder or neck and try to decipher what might be causing it.

If left unattended to, long term pain of this type can become more intense making it a struggle for your child to complete daily tasks or enjoy energetic activities.

Because your childs’ body can get exposed to a lot of repetitive stress, just like a dentist checking the teeth, we recommend check ups for their spine. Getting them into good postural habits when they are younger makes them more likely to become adults with good postural habits. Chiropractic care is an effective way of helping to correct those stresses.

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