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Neck pain

Neck pain may be an acute problem where it feels like something is trapped and the muscles can go into spasm. Or you may be experiencing stiffness and a dull ache.

It is most common in people who are sat down all day or use their arms a lot in their job.

Some questions our chiropractors will ask you are:

  • What is your posture like?
  • Do you slump forward when working at a computer?
  • Do you have arm pain or suffer from headaches?
  • Does your neck feel stiff first thing in the morning or is it worse in the evening?
  • Have you ever had a car accident or fall?
  • Is the pain a sharp catch, a deep burning pain, a dull ache or general stiffness?

These are just some of the questions your chiropractor will ask you during our thorough initial consultation; this will provide us useful information about how best to treat your neck. Your history will help provide us with the information to provide you with the best possible care and assistance through recovery and reconditioning. Your unique circumstances will impact on the types of treatment and recommendations given.

With neck pain it is possible to get arm pain, pins and needles and numbness, similar to Sciatica and other leg pains that are associated with back pain. Your chiropractor has the expertise to understand, diagnose and manage a number of conditions and where appropriate organise an onward referral.

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