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Pinched or trapped nerves

Your nervous system is the most vital part your whole body. It is often referred to as the master control system. This is because the nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

The spine is a bony container protecting our nerves as they carry impulses from our brain to the rest of our body. The spine and, more importantly, the nerves, play a crucial role in our ability to move, heal and get around.

But what if a nerve is damaged? It’s a worrying thought, but a problem that occurs far more often than many realise. If one of the ‘discs’ (or vertebrae) that makes up the spine is damaged or moved out of place, the nerves beneath will be exposed and susceptible to irritation or compression.

What does this feel like? First and foremost, it can cause pain. But also numbness and tingling that can travel to various parts of the body depending on the nerve affected. One of the most common types of trapped nerves in your lower back can cause sciatica.

Trapped nerves may make you feel incapacitated, since movement is usually what triggers the pain. This has an effect on your home, work and leisure time and may understandably leave you feeling down. Trapped nerves left untreated are likely to lead to worsen conditions over time, so it is paramount you seek a correct diagnosis and treatment as soon as the problem starts.

If we conclude the pain you’re suffering from is the result of a trapped nerve, we’ll establish the best series of Chiropractic care to help solve the problem and relieve your pain. We will also look to strengthen the area to a point where the condition is unlikely to return. We may also give you exercises to speed up and reinforce your recovery.

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