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Pregnancy & New Mums

We believe that every mum and dad deserve great support during pregnancy. Our Chiropractors have developed a great support team for mums at our centre, including pregnancy yoga, hypnobirthing, midwives and lactation consultants.

It’s an exciting time but there can also be many emotional changes such as exctiement, fear and anxiety.

You might believe conditions such as lower back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) and disrupted sleep to be part and parcel of expecting a child.

It’s common for many women to suffer from a degree of discomfort but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it has to be normal. However this discomfort and pain in pregnancy doesn’t have to be the case. Often, by correcting spinal and pelvic imbalances, it allows a comfortable more relaxed pregnancy.

Discomfort of any type during pregnancy can become a key factor behind stress around the birth itself. As we all know, it’s important to keep as stress free during pregnancy to ensure your body is as relaxed as possible ahead of labour. We have many women worried about their pain or how it could impact their labour and birth. Or they also may want to minimize any interventions such as C-Sections.

Chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy is known to ease pains and can lead to a more comfortable birth. We use gentle and safe techniques to correct any imbalances in the spine and pelvis that may be causing the problems.

It just makes sense; if the pelvis and all the muscles are moving properly, with any muscular imbalances nicely smoothed out, then contractions can happen properly and the whole process of giving birth is helped along for you.

It’s safe to start getting adjusted at any stage of pregnancy. The sooner you get checked and start care, the better, as the bigger the impact the treatment is likely to have.

To help ease the fear that often surrounds labour, we are here to empower mums-to-be by working out birthing plans that suit your individual preferences and are designed to give you the peace of mind you need for a positive birthing experience.

Not only can you benefit from our expert Chiropractic care and birth plan advice throughout your pregnancy, one of our team of qualified Chiropractors, Dr Tara Gibson, is further certified in the Webster’s Technique a gentle way of ensuring the biomechanics of the pelvis are relaxed and moving in the healthiest manner ahead of labour. This technique will often help baby to move more freely inside the womb finding it much easier to engage its head down in the correct position ahead of the birth.

In the commonly termed “fourth trimester”, after birth, your ligaments have been hard at work and need to readjust back to their usual positions, a process that may be uncomfortable. You are also likely to be doing more bending and lifting than usual once your baby has arrived and so we quite regularly look after new mums suffering from back or neck pain.

Of course, we’re here after you’ve welcomed your little one, too, to gently apply our usual Chiropractic techniques in order to relieve any pain you might be suffering from post-birth.

So let us put your suffering at ease and give you the peace of mind you deserve during your pregnancy and motherhood.

Don’t let an uncomfortable pregnancy, stress, a painful labour or discomfort following your little one’s birth shadow your experience of motherhood, with shorter labour times and less labour pain.

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