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Spinning Babies® Class for Parents

Dr Tara Gibson is a self proclaimed birth geek and loves everything to do with bumps and beyond. She is one of only a handful of certified Spinning Babies® Parent educators in the UK.

As a Chiropractor with over 15 years in practice she has worked extensively with parents and families with a particular focus on perinatal, natal and paediatric care.  In chiropractic there is always an emphasis on checking the alignment and balance of the spine and pelvis and the benefits this can have to mum and baby during pregnancy and birth. Healthy alignment and the baby’s position in utero have been shown to have a great influence on more comfortable pregnancies, shorter labour times and a reduction in pain during labour.  Parents all need to have the tools to help influence better, healthier births. With this in mind, Spinning Babies® is a great addition to any birth preparations and antenatal learning and allows parents to be empowered.

Babies also have a very important role during childbirth. Labour is more than just dilating to 10cm! While you dilate, they rotate! Babies rotate and descend through the 3 levels of pelvis to be born. Tight muscles, a stiff pelvis or poorly chosen birth positions can make labour last longer and be more painful. This can be helped by using positions that aid the work baby is doing at every stage of the process.

A Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator has had specific training to show you and your birth partner the approach to body balancing techniques for comfort now and in birth. You will learn hands-on techniques to make room for baby and balance the body by balancing the muscles, fascia, ligaments and joints. This class not only teaches exercises to help give baby optimal room and position to begin spontaneous labour, it can also keep everything flexible so both the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

Spinning Babies is a great addition to your overall birth preparation and antenatal classes and the approach is very beneficial when mums find themselves in a situation where the baby isn’t in the ideal head down position. Maybe they are breech, transverse or posterior? This does not mean you cannot still have the birth outcome you desire. 

You will be encouraged to use many of the the techniques learnt in class, at home and this will encourage baby to engage into that optimal position. So whether you start these techniques at 20 weeks or 38 weeks, you can still have a positive influence on your body and the birth.

Let us help you to learn how to make room for baby and guide you to a more confident birth.

What a Parent Class covers:

  • Learn about Spinning Babies Techniques and The Three Sisters Of Balance
  • Body balancing activities for pregnancy and labour
  • Daily essentials and daily activities
  • Birth positions that open the pelvis to create more space for baby
  • Positions to help to engage baby in early labour 
  • Positions to help progress a ‘stalling’ of labour
  • Tips for encouraging breech, posterior or transverse babies to engage 
  • Bring your partner to learn how to support you in pregnancy and labour

You will also receive information and content to continue your learning and understanding at home.

This class is designed to complement any childbirth classes you may have already taken. If you have not taken any yet, that’s ok too. There is alot of great information to get you started. It is suitable from 20 weeks of pregnancy and is designed for you and your birth partner to attend together. The Spinning Babies® Parent Class is approx 3 hours in duration and is taught onsite in our family centred clinic in Chislehurst.


To find out more about spinning babies or to check availability for a class that suits you, please call our clinic on 02082951733 or email us at getwell@chislehurstchiro.com or complete the short form below and we will be more than happy to help.

Spinning Babies® Class for Parents

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