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Sports & Performance

Doing sport is an excellent way to maximise both your physical and mental health, however, by its nature, it exposes your body to the risk of injury.

Perhaps your injury is limiting you when it comes to sport and is affecting the progression of your performance. Have there often been times when you realise your performance has plateaued and you just can’t get past your current threshold of ability? Both of these issues are disheartening and, in the case of injury, painful.

Injury may prevent you from playing to your full capacity, which will naturally diminish your enjoyment for your sport, or even take you out of the game altogether. Injuries that are left untreated may well lead to a chronic or worsened problem and so should never be ignored.

On a performance level, hitting a barrier in terms of physical progression may keep you from achieving your goals, such as qualifying in a race or improving your golf handicap. We understand how thoroughly frustrating this can be.

We serve a dual purpose here at Chislehurst when it comes to sports.

First, we are determined that you keep feeling the benefits of sport by treating any sudden injuries and second, we are passionate about providing longer-term care to allow you to reach your full sporting potential.

Chiropractic care is a well-trusted means of alleviating the pain of sports injuries and treating their root cause effectively. Regular visits to a Chiropractor is also known to leave people playing at all levels of sport able to train harder with more power, flexibility, stability, stamina and endurance.

As you can tell, there is good reason as to why many sports teams at the highest level have a dedicated team Chiropractor.

And remember, pain is your body giving you a warning sign, so if you have experienced an injury through sport, it’s important that you see us right away.


One player, Dr Gould has worked with incurred a serious injury whilst playing rugby and came to him after surgery. He said: I had to have surgery to remove part of my C5-6 vertebrae and the whole of my C5-C6 disc. Jasons background and knowledge meant that I received prompt treatment and then an extensive training and rehabilitation program which resulted in a full recovery. I am now pain free.” – Jon D

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