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Upper Back & Neck Pain

If you currently have pain in the upper part of your back, shoulder blades or neck, you’ll know how debilitating it can be.

Upper back and neck pain can come on in many different ways. Perhaps you made a sudden movement that caused the area to feel jarred or twinge with pain. Or maybe you’ve felt discomfort for some time. It may be that you simply woke up with back, neck and shoulder pain. It’s an increasingly common problem today, particularly since we have become more sedentary and desk-bound

Upper back and neck pain can have a number of causes.

Some of the more common factors behind upper back and neck pain are:

Some of the troubles affecting you may result in limited movement, muscle tension, headaches or a disruption of your sleeping patterns. It can also make you feel quite fatigued and run down.

These issues can have a knock-on effect on your emotional wellbeing and how we interact with everything around us. The last thing you want is for your pain to lead you into stress or anxiety. That’s why it is worth seeking treatment as soon as you can.

Let us take a thorough look at what is causing your pain. We’ll take into consideration all aspects of your lifestyle before deciding what treatment is best for you. We’ll use our hands to target problem joints in a specific manner to release the causes of your pain. This will help correct the area involved and improve mobility.

We’ll complement this treatment by recommending certain exercises to aid mobility, strengthen muscles and prevent the problem from recurring in the future.

Jack C said about Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

Jason Gould and his team have provided me with an excellent service . Due to a recent road accident, I had injured my foot and neck. After only a couple of treatments I can already feel a huge improvement. The team are so friendly and helpful and the treatment I received is world class.’

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