7 Tips to Prevent Summer Injuries

August 22, 2016 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

The sun is peeping through the clouds a little more than usual, and outdoor activities are becoming more frequent. If you’re one of the many people taking advantage of the good weather, you should also be more aware on how to stay safe. Although we regularly see a lot of patients come in for personal and sport injuries, the summer sun seems to spike those numbers.

At Chislehurst Chiropractic, we see a number of different types of injuries. That’s why we’ve created a list of 7 tips to prevent common summer injuries! And if you do happen to slip up and injure yourself, make sure you give us a call so we can help you.

7 Tips to Prevent Summer Injuries:

  1. Stretch

If you’re active and continually exercising, then you know that stretching before AND after any activity is important. Stretching loosens up muscles, joints and ligaments – helping you prevent activity-based injuries. Stretching gives your body the ability to move without going from 1 to 100 in a split second. It makes you limber and ready to move the muscles you wouldn’t strenuously use on a regular day.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will keep you free of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and cramping. It equalizes your body temperature and keeps your muscles lubricated. Sweating depletes your body of fluids, so it’s important to constantly replenish those fluids by staying hydrated.

  1. Protective gear

Depending on what activity you plan on doing, you’ll want to ensure that you’re wearing the proper protective gear. If you’re running, make sure you have proper supportive shoes on; if you’re cycling, you know better than to not be wearing a helmet; or even if you’re operating outdoor power equipment, don’t do it without wearing protective eyewear and gloves.

  1. Be Aware of your Surroundings

Trips, slips and falls are no strangers to outdoor summer activities. Every activity is prone to accidents, but one way to prevent that is to be aware of your surroundings. Take an activity like hiking for instance; you’ll most likely be hiking up an incline with unpaved paths, so be aware that it only takes a loose rock, tree trunk or mud to cause a serious sprain. Evaluate your surroundings and be careful.

  1. Take frequent breaks

Don’t push yourself to your absolute limit. Taking frequent breaks allows your body to recharge for more activity. Sometimes you might not feel tired, but your body will be worn out. Your mind could be giving you a false impression of what your body can actually handle. So give it some much needed rest and enjoy the summer breeze in the meantime.

  1. Go Out with a Partner!

You never know what will happen on these little summer expeditions. Even if you’ve planned a mild activity, take a partner along with you. You’ll be creating memories together, bonding and you’ll always have someone to catch you if you fall – yes, even literally. Or at least they’ll be there to help you if you get hurt. Having a partner around means added safety because you won’t be stuck trying to rescue yourself from injury.

  1. Condition your body before the summer

If you’ve been out of shape for a while, it’s best not to jump right back into things with full force. If you want to continue to prepare yourself for the summers to come, then condition and strengthen your body throughout the year. Train your body to become accustomed to frequent movement and increased levels of activity. Continual exercise can also relieve stress and mild anxiety. It’s simply good for your overall health!

Summer activities are full of potential injuries. It can be difficult to pay attention to your body’s needs and your surroundings when you’re excited to be out in the sun having fun. But it’s important to slow down, take precautions and stay safe while you’re outdoors. With that in mind, our team at Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic hope you enjoy the summer!

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  1. This is some really good information about preventing summer injuries. Stretching does seem like a good thing to do when it comes to preventing injuries. It might also help to go see a chiropractor if something starts hurting.

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