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A headache is something most of us have suffered from, but not everyone has experienced the kind of headache that has a marked effect on their ability to get on with day-to-day life or has been persistent for an extended period of time.

Those kinds of headaches are awful and debilitating.

At our family clinic, there are certain types of headache related to the neck, which we can help with.

Often, poor posture or emotional tension leading to tightness in the joints or muscles of the neck play a part in these conditions.

Headaches that won’t go away or are particularly severe really affect your quality of life. You may have trouble concentrating both in your leisure time or at work, which might then be having a negative impact on your professional performance. Such headaches can stop you from sleeping and sadly take the enjoyment out of life.

So, what’s wrong with taking painkillers?

Painkillers can dull your pain, but it may well return, as they do not necessarily deal with the cause. They also may have side effects.

Allow us to help you move beyond painkillers, which dull the pain but do little to treat its root cause, and towards a life where headaches are not part of daily life. We will assess your lifestyle and investigate a whole range of possible reasons for your headaches before making a diagnosis.

Should there be a physical cause to your headache, rooted in the joints of your neck or jaw, we will use Chiropractic care to carefully ease out the problem and return the joints and muscles in the neck to their proper state. In many cases we will also recommend postural exercises to help maintain the improvement.

If your pain is caused by emotional and, as a consequence, physical tension, one of the routes we may recommend is based on relaxation, covering such techniques as massage, mindfulness and meditation or the pioneering programme, Braintap, all of which are effective in reducing overall tension in the body. We offer all of these services in the clinic so please ask us for more information. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW BRAINTAP CAN HELP YOU 

Lorraine E said about Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

‘I was suffering from severe headaches and slowly this was making me depressed. I am absolutely loving the clinic because they have helped me to get my life back!’

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