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A trauma is an unexpected incident that has taken its toll on your physical well-being and left you in pain. It might be a trip, slip, fall or car accident, surgery or sports-related injury; whatever the cause, your discomfort as a result of the trauma can most likely be helped.

We have more about how we can look after your sports-related injury on our sports and performance page.

In hoping the pain will go away and trying to “push through”, you risk putting yourself on the path to more permanent injury and prolonged pain.

If you’re experiencing pain right now, you’ll know how much it’s impacting on your daily life by making even the easiest of tasks a struggle. It may even be affecting your performance at work as well as your ability to enjoy leisure activities.

And beyond these physical strains caused by your trauma will inevitably come a further emotional strain on your ability to enjoy life to the full.

We have seen people come into our clinic having suffered traumas of all types and having successfully treated them, it’s given us a wealth of experience we can use to help you.

We’ll look at your symptoms and only treat you once we have a full understanding of the cause of your problem.

When your pain has subsided, we will take the time to discover whether there are any aspects of your lifestyle – be it physical, environmental, nutritional or emotional – that can be improved in order to make sure that you get the long term benefits of wellbeing and not just short term relief.

Olga U said about Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

‘I had suffered with back trouble previously but due to an accident in May 2012 it had returned. Since then Dr Gould has helped me return almost to normal health, where no other practitioner has succeeded.’

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