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Brain wellness and healthy nervous system function is at the core of how we approach wellbeing. At our centre, we focus on the body as a whole rather than working on just one part of it.

To get the most from life, both today and in years to come, it’s essential that you keep check of your wellbeing, this allows you to achieve optimal health and peak performance.

Our body is self regulating, healing and maintaining. It’s designed to be healthy! We often expect our body to keep going at a certain pace without ever giving it enough time or the right support to recover and heal. It’s only when our body can no longer adapt to the stressors we put on it, that it goes into imbalance and leads to ill health and symptoms. By doing small simple things, you can build and keep your body in a state of health and wellbeing. This is what Chiropractic excels at and what we are truly passionate about!

Wellbeing is an umbrella term that covers 5 key areas:

  • Neurological wellbeing (the health of your brain and nervous system)
  • Physical wellbeing (our movement and our spine and muscular system)
  • Emotional wellbeing (our mental stress levels)
  • Nutritional wellbeing (how we eat and fuel ourselves)
  • Environmental wellbeing (chemical, wifi and pollution stress)

At our Chislehurst clinic, we look beyond the relief of your immediate physical pains to focus on your all-round wellbeing, too. Once the initial problem and symptoms are corrected, most of our patients choose wellbeing care to keep themselves in optimal health.

We pay meticulous attention to understanding how your current lifestyle shapes the different parts of your wellbeing and committed to providing practical advice as to how each of these areas might be improved. Our health and life are a reflection of all the decisions we’ve made up to this point.

This advice may take many forms, from recommending exercises that will stimulate your nervous system and keep your brain function in top shape, to guiding improvements in your physical and nutritional wellbeing. This effort enriches your life with energy and allows you to lift your grandchildren without pain, run faster than ever or walk with ease well into the future.

In giving you a better understanding of the factors that affect your wellbeing during one-to-one sessions or via our health coaching workshops, we are confident you will be able to cultivate a better quality of life and reach your health goals.

We can all have incredibly busy lives and it’s unrealistic for us to believe that this doesn’t constantly put stress on our body and health. We often live in a ‘grab and go’ culture, not allowing ourselves recovery time or enough of the right nutrition. Our Chiropractors are always looking for ways to make these changes simple and effective for you.

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