Chiropractic and The Power Of The Mind 

December 19, 2017 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

Did you know that the number one fear of the over 50’s is losing their mental capacity.  I don’t know if you, like me, have noticed just how much more prevalent dementia in all its forms, appears to be then when I was a child.   

Well, research has shown that there appears to be a direct correlation between the ‘Super Stress’ experienced today and the rise in Dementia / Alzheimer’s.  And this alone, should make us want to balance our brains and bodies and keep these illnesses at bay.   

And of course, many ‘modern’ illnesses are related to the stress of modern living – whether that be mental stress, or physical stresses caused by breathing in pollution, eating chemicals in processed foods or ingesting other non-helpful and potential carcinogens like tobacco.   

Stress is all around us now.  In the caveman days of course, stress existed – there were real dangers of walking around the corner to be confronted by a sabre tooth tiger, which would immediately cause the fight or flight stress hormone – cortisol – to be released which would get you some immediately energy to use.   

In modern society – and increasingly over the last 20 years, there is more and more stress.  Life moves much faster and the technology created to ‘help’ us – often adds to the stress, with some people now unable to switch off at any time.  

Imagine going through a 2-week holiday with no mobile phone?  Most people can’t, but if you are older than 30, you will remember those days when a holiday truly was a total switch off.  And as human beings we need recovery time.  We need time when are brains are not trying to process ever increasing loads of information.  We need time for our brain to subconsciously work things out and store things away.   

Many people do not allow themselves this time, taking mobile phones to bed, checking emails, messaging apps or social media multiple times a day and right before trying to sleep, and first thing in the morning before they have even got out of bed.  Some people do this out of guilt or fear of missing out, or of not being on the ball and losing their job, or losing a customer.  Some do it because they believe they work better under stress.  

And of course, they are right.  In the short term.  At first awareness is heighted, memory improves and so does pace.  You can work faster and with more focus under stress.  But this is not sustainable for the long term.  And by long term – I don’t mean weeks or months – I mean for more than 2 hours.   

Yes, studies have shown performance is impaired after just 2 hours of stress, and health problems begin.  Remember – stress causes blood pressure to rise, the heart to beat faster.  Long term this creates problems such as fatigue, cholesterol build up, impaired immune system, aches and pains, the list goes on.  

In a permanent state of fight or flight with the body being swamped with blood sugars – we are unable to heal, to relax, and to rebalance. A permanent fight or flight state is not what we were designed for and will ultimately lead to serious physical and mental health problems.  

There are various ways to relieve stress, deep breathing, mediation, gentle exercise, yoga, pilates, walking, laughter, sleep, chiropractic.  All are helpful in relieving stress, but all are temporary measures unless we can supplement them by a change in thinking, leading to a change in behaviour.  Yes – you can be temporarily less stressed if you watch a funny movie – but if you drink a litre of coke and eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s at the same time, and that is a regular thing for you – then your long-term health is not going to change.   

What is needed is a reprogramming of the mind to support the body.  Because all stress is brain stress.  When the brain is stressed then it is out of balance and it is no surprise that the body follows – which shows up as illness, pain, rapid aging, fatigue, depression or other behavioural problems.   

The good news is that can all be turned around.  We don’t need to immediately turn to drugs.  The brain is capable of releasing 30,000 different neurochemicals with just one thought, so it is important to retrain the mind to think the thoughts that will release positive and healing neurochemistry.  One of the very effective tools we use to do just that is the Brain Tap.  20 minutes of this therapy is said to be equivalent of 3-4 hours of good sleep, and we certainly find that when our clients have been relaxed by a session on the Brain Tap, their chiropractic adjustments are more effective.  

Regular Chiropractic care helps to rebalance the brain. Adjustments remove stress on the nervous system which improves the communication between body and brain, and if this is supported also by improving the mind to body communication then that produces the best possible results.  

It really is not normal to feel lousy all the time, so if you do – please don’t put it all down to ‘getting older’ or an injury you have had or an illness diagnosis, and feel that there is nothing you can do.  There is a lot that you can do yourself to improve your overall wellness, and it all starts with the mind.  

That is why we use the Brain Tap technology in our clinic and recommend it to our patients as a treatment they can self-administer at home.  If you are interested in finding out more about the brain Tap – have a look here or email us on getwell@chislehurstchiro.com 


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