Can You Reprogram Your Brain?

February 9, 2018 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

It used to be believed that genetics was king. What I mean by that is that you are born with a genetic code – and that code determines what your hair colour is, how tall you grow and – most importantly – what diseases or health problems you are going to develop. There was a fatalistic – there is nothing you can do about it – belief. It was something you were ‘pre-disposed’ to and not your fault.

In the same way it was believed that your brain neurocircuitry is what it is and it cannot be changed.

However, something happened 50 years ago which startled scientists and challenged this belief system, and that was the introduction of quantum mechanics otherwise known as quantum physics. This discovery has done the most to challenge the belief that science is fixed and objective, and that the mind is something separate and linked purely to the brain.

There are two areas of particular interest in terms of health and well being.

The first is that it has been shown in quantum physics that observation of a phenomena, changes the outcome. Without getting too technical, a particle, at a quantum level can act in 2 ways at the same time. By observing the particle, it will ‘choose’ to act in a certain way. Meaning that the very act of observation caused it to change.

That is a bit like what spiritual teachers in ancient and modern books (like The Secret) have been teaching for centuries. That your thoughts define your reality. Quantum physics now backs this up – as thinking about a particle and placing your attention (focusing) on a particle – alters its behaviour. So, your thoughts affect your physical reality.

Getting our patients to understand the importance of thinking differently is one of the big challenges of all health practitioners. At a very simple and obvious level – the thinking that leads someone to smoking and to feeling they are unable to give up smoking, needs to change before their behaviour (stopping smoking) can be accomplished. Once someone understands that it is possible to change how you think, then change becomes possible.

The other area of great interest since the mid 90’s is the theory around epigenetics. Again – at a very simple level – epigenetics states that it is not the DNA that causes disease but the expression of the DNA, and that can change.

Much money is always put into pharmaceutical developments around this, but the good news is you don’t have to rely on drugs. Change can occur from your thoughts, and as Bruce H. Lipton PhD demonstrates in his book – The Biology of Belief, your thoughts change your biology.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, another pioneer in this field, you can also create new behaviours by deliberately rewiring your brain and vice versa. And is that not what all physicians and healers aim to do – show their patients that the thinking that created the current problem, will not be the thinking that solves it?

There are a variety of new tools around to help with this change in thought process.

Dr. Patrick Porter, author and inventor of ZenFrames/MindFit/BrainTap technologies, has been a major pioneer during the last decade in the field of mind-based medicine. We are in need of applications like the Brain Tap, which are developed out of our new understanding of quantum physics and neuroplasticity.

If you are interested in this subject and want to know more – look out for my new book Brain Balance co-authored by the aforementioned Dr Patrick Porter PhD and Bob Hoffman DC, or email us at to pre-order your copy.

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