Mindful Adjusting

Mindful Adjusting Part 1

March 7, 2018 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

*This is an adapted two part blog post that Jason Gould DC prepared for a group of chiropractors based on mindful adjusting and adjusting in the zone. Look out for part two coming soon!

The concept of mindfulness has become very popular in recent times, however, as chiropractors we have always had a deep understanding of the nervous system.

Our patients are affected by the 3 T’s:


So How Do Thoughts Affect Us?

The “Stress Response” is not generally caused by an event, it is caused by the meaning that we give the event. The control we have is the choice of giving it an empowering or destructive meaning.

The physiology that changes in our body creates changes in the nervous system, subluxations, changing muscle tone, high blood pressure, lowered immunity, brain fog, pre – diabetic stress. To name a few. These changes also pump out adrenalin and cortisol and affect our catecholamines which can lead to depression and anxiety and ultimately to heart disease, stroke and other serious illnesses.

These changes are mostly affects from an overstressed nervous system and many of which are preventable through lifestyle.

Chiropractic is an incredible profession and for many of us it’s not just a job, or career. It’s a calling or mission. As chiropractors there are many potential causes of stress from the day to day running a practice, to politics just to name a few.

This is why it is so important to reboot your nervous system. Changing your nervous system from the sympathetic state of stress to the parasympathetic state of relaxation is essential for healing and repair. We work with our patients to achieve this. 

If as healers we are not present, thinking about something other than the adjustment or worse in the “Stress Response” this is going negatively impact on our results that we get for our patients.

This is where as chiropractors it is essential that we look after our health, getting adjusted, having great nutrition and practicing mindfulness or meditation.

For a deeper understanding we need to look at quantum physics to see the correlation between our vibration as a healer and the effectiveness of the adjustment.

Remember to look out for part two of this series coming soon!

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