Mindful Adjusting Part 2

March 15, 2018 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

*This is “part two” of an adapted two part blog post that Jason Gould DC prepared for a group of chiropractors based on mindful adjusting and adjusting in the zone.

The concept of being fully present on purpose isn’t new. However, how do we tap into this consistently and why is it important?

If you read part one about mindful adjusting you would understand about being present during the adjustment. But being in the zone and being present are slightly different mental states.

Being present means not thinking about things that are outside of our current experience, not thinking about the past, not thinking about what your CA’s are saying on front desk, stress, or what you’re going to have for dinner.

Although these are daily occurrences in the life of a chiropractor, acting from a mindful state allows you to be fully present with yourself and your patients which is essential.

So how does being in the zone differ? It’s to do with a combination of resilience and coherence. To understand this a little better, we should look at “heart math”.

Heart math is a groundbreaking tool for stress reduction, gaining clarity and getting in the zone. It works by helping you to change your mood through tuning into emotional states, opening up the brain, body and nervous system to feeling different. This “different feeling” is what we desire to feel more relaxed, focused, in sync and ready to take effective action.

Positive thinking isn’t enough, we need to access the positive emotional state as well.

Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about these ideas, and how thinking and “feeling” emotional states can literally change our neurochemistry and ability to heal:

“When someone is given a diagnosis in the doctors office the common emotions they experience is either fear or sadness. They can think positively but if they are ‘feeling’ fear, that thought never makes it past the brainstem into the body because it’s not in alignment with the body’s emotional state.

Get that person to change their emotional state and get them into a state of gratitude. Why gratitude? We normally give thanks when we get something, your body is believing it’s receiving something because the emotional signature of gratitude means it’s already happened. So when a person is beginning to experience gratitude they’re more prone to accept, believe and surrender to the thoughts equal to that emotional state, and they begin to program their autonomic nervous system into a different destiny.” – Dr Joe Dispenza Heal Documentary.

So “heart math” is saying that in order to heal and feel better it’s not just about deep breathing etc and accessing a state, it’s about tying the emotional state to feelings of love, forgiveness, gratitude or whatever positive emotion you wish to feel.

However, the important point is that you use a positive emotion that’s really “felt” and thought coherently in synchronisation. This allows healing to resonate throughout your mind and body. This is important from a healing and repair point of view, but it’s also really vital from an emotional wellbeing perspective too.

When you’re “in the zone” time disappears. You end up with more energy at the end of your day than when you started. You build energy throughout your day.

I would describe the “zone” state as being effortless. It’s effortless ease, as all your “effort” went into the hours of training, practice, and working on your craft plus the passion behind it.

So how do you achieve “the zone?”

This is an area that professional athletes are obsessed with. They want to know how to get into the zone more predictably, easily and “on call”. Having a ritual is the key to success here. Having a certain order and sequence in your day that programs your brain to achieve the desired state is vital. It’s a state of mind and a state of being, allowing you to resonate on a higher frequency.

How do you generate that higher frequency? How do you rebalance and repurpose stress? How do you use those things and re-channel them?

It’s all about finding what works for you, it can be different for everybody. However, it’s about finding that source and tapping into it. Some people find the NLP (neuro linguistic programming) technique called “anchoring” effective. Athletes might have a favourite cap that they wear that’s charged with all the positive feelings they require before heading into a game or training session.

Anchors can be used for different purposes i.e. grounding or getting into “the zone”, you simply have to tie emotional states to your anchors and them use them as and when required.

Sometimes anchors are placed unconsciously as Tony Robbins has pointed out in the past. You attend a funeral and someone approaches you and taps you on the right shoulder and says, “I’m sorry for your loss”. Six months later someone approaches you again in a different scenario, taps you on your right shoulder and asks you how you are and you feel sadness but you don’t know why. The “sadness” anchor was planted unconsciously.

Anchoring is happening all the time and you can use it to your advantage to tap into your “peak” state, whether that’s confidence for a presentation, or being in the zone for adjusting. You can even develop an anchor to program a response of attention and positivity when performing a specific adjustment technique in your clinic.

Since scientific evidence reports anchoring to work so dependently in psychology and mental healthcare, why wouldn’t you use it to your advantage? Why just turn up and “hope” that’ you’ll be in a good state?

Spend your time effectively by pruning your mind with positivity, don’t be sucked into reading negative comments and posts in other Facebook groups unlike this one that create tension and stress. It’s just like watching the news, whatever you put into your subconscious mind manifests in your life in numerous ways.

Some of this you have no control over, but you do have control over meaning and the information you feed to your subconscious mind to work with. Fuel your subconscious mind with content that aligns with your purpose and desired destiny.

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