The 5 Key Things You Need To Know About Healthy Living

April 5, 2018 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

#1: Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

If you have a healthy mind you will begin to become more aware of your bodies health. Awareness is always the first stage of change, therefore, a healthy mind is essential for developing a healthy body.

Practice mindfulness and meditation to reduce the stresses and distractions in the mind, then, watch as the positive effects naturally ripple out into the physical areas of your life.

#2: Count Chemicals Over Calories

We’re far too concerned as a culture with calories. Whilst calorie counting can help as a limit to what you want to eat when following a health routine, it isn’t always the most important statistic worth paying attention to. Chemicals cause more harm than calories.

The addition of chemicals in the food we consume are most important to keep in mind as they can lead to the development of various diseases if they go unmonitored. These additives should be visible on every food items packaging that you purchase.

It’s also best to avoid refined sugars or foods that contain a high percentage of salt per serving.

#3: Nutritional Lifestyle

We become what we eat…

If our diet isn’t healthy then guess what? We aren’t healthy.

Introduce more vegetables, fruits and essential fatty acids into your diet. Quite often a healthy diet will lower the risk of diseases and prevent them from occurring often without the need for drugs and surgery. A nutritional diet also produces energy, positivity and clarity of mind.

#4: Make Fitness A Priority

Exercise is also a great way to clear the mind and body of tension and stress. Along with the commonly known benefits of exercise such as weight loss, improved heart rate and muscle growth, it can also increase our levels of enthusiasm, positivity and has been shown to decrease the risk of depression.

#5: Vitamins & Supplements

If you aren’t eating healthy foods you could be vulnerable to vitamin, mineral and fatty acid deficiencies.

The average diet of humans in the 21st century is full of processed foods, which is why adding well made supplements is so effective. Probiotics, Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 fatty acids are all recommended by health professionals.

Want to learn more? Come to our Fuel To Thrive Workshop!

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“Fuel To Thrive” is a workshop on nutritional living that’s designed for patients that have had challenges with their health and nutrition.

Many people attend because they want to increase their energy naturally. They are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Another common goal we see is people wanting to lose weight. They’ve tried multiple diets and plans but find it hard to produce satisfying or lasting results. Nutrition is a multilayered area but it doesn’t have to be so difficult to get right.

This is why myself and Tara decided to introduce the Fuel To Thrive workshop, to help people understand nutrition and how living healthily doesn’t have to be boring, hard work or tiresome. It can be amazing!

We’ve also come across people who are experiencing chronic pain and inflammation and they want to know if there’s things that they can eat on a day to day basis that can make a difference and reduce the inflammation.

Other people are conscious that being healthy is a mindset. They know what to eat generally and they’ve tried different exercises but they’ve realised that actually it’s their mindset and habits that keeps stopping them from getting results.

They might comfort eat or be stressed and anxious, or they might find that it’s really difficult to get into the habit of the diet they’d like to do.

The first part of the Fuel To Thrive Workshop takes you through the steps to achieve a healthy mindset, teaching how you can start working on your mind and how it can help you shift from where you’re at to where you want to be by using some structured actionable techniques.

The second part of the Fuel To Thrive workshop is about the foods to eat and the foods to avoid. You’ll also get practical tips through experiencing first hand how healthy food can taste as we’re preparing a fantastic lunch for you.

Healthy eating isn’t what many people mistakingly label it as, for example, “eating rabbit food”. There’s so much more to fantastic nutrition and at the workshop we’ll be explaining how to prepare some tasty and inviting meals.

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To YOUR Health & Wellness,

Jason Gould, DC & Tara Gould, DC.

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