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Different Types of Chiropractic Care for Different Health Needs

May 31, 2017 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

As Chiropractors, we have different techniques or “tools in the tool box” that we use depending on health needs. Whilst pain relief and pain prevention are the two most common reasons to seek Chiropractic help, each patient has their own condition to be aware of. For example, if you have severe acute pain or are pregnant, you may need a more gentle and modified approach. After an examination, your Chiropractor will be able to discuss with you what is required for your individual condition.

Below are a few of these special cases where we alter our focus for specific health needs:

Children and Teenagers

We love working with children in our centre and we look after many families and children of all ages.  

Being a teenager can cause increased pressure on the body. The long hours sitting in class, carrying heavy school bags and the additional use of mobile devices can cause increased time in a forward slumped posture. This places a lot of strain on young developing spines and this is also exacerbated by the fact that teenagers are a lot more sedentary today.

Many kids also play sports either at school or competitively. These activities, whilst good, cause stress to their bodies and can often cause the spine to get injured. Particularly with sports such as rugby, football and gymnastics. A younger body is not always strong enough to be able to cope with the demands placed on it, so injuries can occur.

Chiropractic care can lead the way to having a healthy body and spine in adulthood.

Pregnant Mothers 

It’s common for women to suffer from a degree of discomfort during pregnancy, but just because it’s common doesn’t mean it has to be normal. Correcting spinal and pelvic imbalances often allows for a comfortable and more relaxed pregnancy.

We use gentle and safe techniques to correct any imbalances in the spine and pelvis that may be causing issues.

In addition to benefitting from our expert Chiropractic care and birth plan advice, one of our Chiropractors, Dr Tara Gibson, is further certified in the Webster’s Technique. The Webster’s Technique is a gentle way of ensuring the biomechanics of the pelvis are relaxed and moving in the healthiest manner ahead of labour. This technique will often help baby to move more freely inside the womb, making it much easier to engage in a head down position ahead of birth.


We serve a dual purpose here at Chislehurst when it comes to sport. Firstly, we are determined for you to keep feeling the benefit of sport by treating any sudden injuries. Secondly, we are passionate about providing longer-term care to allow you to reach your full sporting potential.

Regular visits to a Chiropractor can help sportspeople of all levels train harder with more power, flexibility, stability, stamina and endurance.

As experienced Chiropractors, we know how to tailor our techniques to suit each person. If you have questions about how our techniques can suit you, please book an appointment for a free spine check. Call us at 0208 295 1733.

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