The WHY behind writing my book THRIVE

April 27, 2021 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

For more than 20 years, my patients have asked me what they can do to help themselves outside of our chiropractic treatment.

This last year has been stressful for everyone. People were furloughed, home schooling their children, working from home or working on the frontline in the NHS or other essential professions. The level of uncertainty around our health, families, friends, and finances has meant that many people are dealing with increased levels of anxiety. This can lead to losing sleep and slipping into “survival mode” where you are in crisis, having pain or headaches and feeling overwhelmed.

I wrote this book to give people a roadmap of things they can do that can really help them to move out of “survival mode” and start thriving.

With the pathway out of the pandemic beginning to emerge, it is time to take stock of our physical and mental health.

My new book, Thrive, is the culmination of decades of experience as well as research into mindset, nutrition, and stress management. More than anything, it is a dream of mine to help as many people as I can to live better, more positive, and happier lives.

The book walks you through how to improve your overall health and wellbeing to move from surviving to thriving. It shows you:

  • 5 ways to harness your body’s incredible healing power
  • 5 ways to prevent the 5 dimensions of stress from damaging your body
  • 5 ways to support your nervous system, which controls every cell, muscle, and organ in your body

There are so many different areas of health that people can work on. By making even small changes in your diet, exercise or mindset you can make incremental impacts on your day to day which add up to a better life overall.

On Wednesday, 28th April, for one day only the book will be half price or just £1.25 for the Kindle version.

“Every sportsperson needs their body to perform at its optimal potential and just as importantly, their mindset needs to be strong and focused. ‘Thrive’ has a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for those looking to get their body and mind performing at their best.” – Gianfranco Zola, MBE and OMRI Football Manager and Former Professional Footballer

Click the link below to secure your copy of Thrive today:

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