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March 19, 2020 by Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic

Working from home can be a big change for many and in this blog post we are going through the best ways to work from home safely and efficiently. If you stay positive it will give you a better chance of feeling motivated during this difficult time. Things you can do to stay positive are to practice a daily gratitude journal, mindfulness and meditation to calm the mind.

Keep to a routine

It is important to keep to a routine so we advise making a plan of how your working day is going to look. You can set out when you will start work and when you will finish and in that way it will limit the chance of you over working. Having a routine will enable you to feel less stressed. It can be difficult when working at home to switch off from work. Having a schedule and routine will allow you to feel more motivated to start work as well as knowing when you can finish and relax. Making a checklist of things you need to accomplish can also help with feeling motivated and making sure you stay on track.

Take breaks

Make sure you are taking regular breaks from your work. It is important for spinal health to get up and move around. Our body’s have been designed to move around constantly and were not designed to be sitting down for long periods. We advise getting up every 30 mins and either stretching or changing your posture. Going for walks and getting out of the house into the fresh air is very important so you can feel refreshed when you come back to work.

Good posture

It is important to keep the best posture at all times to prevent yourself from aches or pains whilst working from home. Firstly, when sitting, make sure to find your natural best posture, this is called your neutral spine. To find your neutral spine it should be somewhere between sitting hunched forward and arched backwards. Your spine should have a natural S-shaped curve to it when your are sitting. Your feet should be a comfortable shoulder width apart and flat on the floor. Your knees should be lower than your hips and the way to do so is shuffle forward on your chair.

Work station set up

Make sure that your work station is set up correctly for you. Although it may be comfortable at the start to sit on the sofa to do work, it isn’t supporting your spines natural curvature. If you have two monitors make sure to set them up side by side with no gap in between. Place your secondary monitor off-centre. If you use both monitors equally then centre them both. The keyboard and mouse should be positioned so that your elbows are at your side and bent in a 90 degree angle. This way your muscles are not overloaded to prevent from overuse injuries. To find the best place for your screen sit back and extend your arm. The tips of your middle finger should just touch the screen.

if you have been sitting in a different posture compared to what you are used to in the office, it is very common to develop aches and pains. When your body is sitting in a different position to what you are used to it is putting physical stress on your body which can load the facet joints in your back or neck and put pressure and strain on the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joints. If these facet joints (the joints of your spine) are being loaded in a way they aren’t used to, that is when you will experience pain or discomfort. It is important to get the right advice from your chiropractor as they will give you specific advice about your desk set up as well as working on any imbalances you may have in your body that could be contributing to aches or pains. Our intention, as always, is to help you become healthy and to stay healthy.

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